Saturday Night Roundup

Well, this day just got away from me. We’ve got a couple of sick kids, so nursing them takes extra attention. Oh, and there was the grocery shopping (we all went to the store; that’s Mom, Dad, and four kids!). Obviously, I survived.

But, enough of that. Here’s some stuff I found tonight.

Michele Catalano spent a pretty nice amount of money today on supplies for Hurricane Katrina survivors. Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy.

— If you’re a fellow blogger and you need to ban a reader from commenting (it happens), you’ll want to learn from Ace. Apparently, it’s difficult to kick AOL users.

— Tomorrow is September 11th, and I’ll have my own post about that later, but for now, Mister Snitch has put together a website dedicated to that day.

— Meanwhile, over 500 9-11 family members rallied in New York City today to protest the Freedom Center.

Ann Althouse is podcasting. Yes, it’s her first one, so I can’t be too critical. But coming from a guy who use to work in radio, Ann needs to speak up a little bit. Don’t be so timid!

Betsy Newmark has a lot of good stuff today.

— Blogs for Bush is discussing the latest (unflattering) poll on the president.

— Jeff Jarvis is pushing Recovery 2.0.

— The criticism of Gov. Kathleen Blanco continues. This time, Andrew Sullivan links to a proclamation that Blanco sat on too long.

— Wolcott: From Blame Game to Numbers Game

— Last weekend I heard about a crazy Celine Dion on Larry King. Bryan Preston found the video. Yikes, talk about over the top!

LGF: CNN Sues to Show Bodies.

— Have you read about the controversy over the Flight 93 Memorial? It’s unbelievable.

— Jeff Goldstein fisks Huffington Post blogger Stephen Elliot.

Jay @ Wizbang compares 9/11 and Katrina.

And finally…

— Happy Blogoversary to ProfessorBainbridge.

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