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Filed under today’s “Duh” category – Sending threats via text message is a stupid thing to do.

A 16-year-old Santa Teresa High School student was arrested after police said he sent text messages to a teenage girl threatening to kill her and her friends at Orchard Elementary School.

The boy sent the text messages to the 13-year-old girl’s cell phone Tuesday afternoon, said San Jose Police Officer Enrique Garcia.

In the message, he reportedly said he was going to the school to shoot the girl and her 13-year-old friend and anyone else who got in his way, Garcia said.

The girl and two friends reported the incident to the school Wednesday and the boy was taken into custody at Juvenile Hall, where he was booked on suspicion of making terrorist threats.

The cell phones were seized as evidence.


This kind of thing drives me batty. The whole ‘kid with a cell phone glued to an ear’ fad has run amok. Even the name ‘cell phone’ is a misnomer. Most teens I see with cellular phones are using them to take pictures of themselves, listening to the latest ringtone they downloaded for $1.99 (ripoff), or sending useless text messages that eat up bandwidth. And if they do make a phone call, it’s to a friend they see in person 1000 times per day already.

And parents don’t know why their kids are doing poorly in school.

If I had my way, elementary, middle school, junior high and high school students would be forced to check in and store their cell phones when they arrive at school and get them back when they leave. I would bet that average test scores would rise as a result.

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