Yuschenko Blog

The new president of Ukraine has a blog, and an RSS feed.

Update: OK, so it’s not EXACTLY a blog, but hey, just a personal story or two and it’ll qualify.

More: A potential New blog entry?

Still More: Here’s the English edition.


  1. Slant Point says:

    A Blog is a Blog…

    Funny how the definition of blog is getting stretched these days… The Corner links to PunditGuy who links to Viktor Yuschenko’s “blog.” Nice site. But blog it is not….

  2. Ukraine President Viktor Yuschenko is Blogging – Sorta

    A world leader has joined the blogosphere – sorta. Viktor Yuschenko, who was recently sworn in as Ukraine’s president, is blogging. Well, his

  3. He’s not a Prime Minister, he’s the President.

  4. Russian Invader says:

    That’s right, he is not Prime Minister, he is American-puppet-president. And this is not a blog, it’s more like a homepage.

  5. Yuri Shymanovsku says:

    Good news, gentlemen.
    Ukraineans of the USA have created small but neat web leprosorium for Yuschenko, self declared Hitler-like president of Ukraine.


    I want also to create additional page “Rock against the regime”. Will be soon.

    Yuri Shymanovsky

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