You've Got to be Kidding Me

It didn’t take very long for this to show up. Liberals won’t face the fact that they were defeated on the issues. They reject the fact that Bush’s position on the War on Terror is one that resonates with more Americans than John Kerry’s "Global Test". They deny the fact that they are not the party of traditional family values. They refuse to believe that their party is not the party of the working man. They turn their backs to the mirror and refused to look at the logic of their loss.

No, instead, they cling to theories like this.

Someone within their ranks needs to step up and lead. They need to call their people together and put an end to the anger, the crazy conspiracy theories, and most of all, they need to call their people to face the truth. If no one comes forward, the Democratic party will be the party of no one.

MORE: Nancy Benac of the AP has quotes from Republicans and Democrats here.

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