Your Tax Dollars At Work

What if your child came home from school and mentioned that his teacher got busted for selling meth? Hard to imagine?

Believe it.

A middle school principal accused of selling crystal methamphetamine from his office after school and on weekends was arrested after police found the drug on his desk, authorities said Wednesday.

A letter was sent to parents informing them of the arrest, and teachers had spoken with the 950 students at the school where Acerra had been principal since 2000, said Bethlehem schools Superintendent Joseph Lewis.

“I am saddened and troubled by these events,” Lewis said. “I offer no explanation. There is none.”

One wonders how a guy like that can even be a teacher. Who’s minding the store? Who’s protecting the children? Who hired this guy and why haven’t they been fired?

I don’t get it.

Next time you hear a politician guilt you into paying more tax dollars to fund public education, remember this meth selling teacher and the environment that kept him employed for so long. It should scare you enough to write your representative and demand more accountability.

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