You Too Can Die for Cindy Sheehan

If only you could see the look on my face when I read this.

A few dozen of us held vigil at the White House yesterday. At 6 PM about 15 or 20 of us “died” to symbolize the unnecessary deaths in Iraq. We all represented one soldier and 50 Iraqis. We are hoping that 2000 Americans come out in support of us during the next 3 days and “die” with us to show our misleaders and media what 2000 dead Americans looks like.

So, of those who ‘died’ with Cindy yesterday, did some just like, fall on the ground and close their eyes, or did others act their death out? Did they announce what kind of death they were representing? Did someone stand at attention and state matter-of-factly, “I’m now going to be blown up by artillery from an AC130 Gunship”, then proceed to walk and whistle like they were enjoying the day before the bullets rained down on them? I mean, really – if your demonstration includes a mock ‘death’, wouldn’t you want to be convincing?

Now, before you rain bullets down on me, please understand that I’m being facetious. Untimely death is not a joking matter, but when Cindy Sheehan is involved, seriousness isn’t something that comes to mind. Her efforts to remain relevant since her antics in Crawford, Texas are just absurd. Meanwhile, the MSM continues to shine a light on Sheehan not because of her bravery, or the cause she represents, but because she’s such a lunatic. Like an ill-trained circus monkey, they can’t be sure what she’s going to do next. She’s become surreal entertainment. 

I’m sure there are a few in the media who have had enough of Cindy. Maybe it’s the camera crew…they probably draw straws to determine which of them is assigned the ‘Sheehan beat’ this week. Poor guys, I don’t envy any one of them.

No matter her experience, every action by Cindy Sheehan today amplifies a lack of credibility which ultimately renders her intentions moot. She’s a cartoon character, and her demonstrations look like nothing more than selfish motives to remain in the spotlight. All the while, the memory of her son fades further with her every utterance.

That’s the real tragedy.

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