(h/t Woody)

UPDATE: This thing begs for captions, so I’m enabling comments. Attention Ace of Spades HQ readers – have at it.


  1. The Bush Posse

    Funny photoshop….

  2. Man of Substance says:

    Bring in on Eminem… Condi will kick yo a**

  3. West wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!


  5. Yeah, you know me.

    Damn, it’s good to be a gangsta!

  6. Cheese_tensor says:

    “The Bush team dress rehersal for the EU fence-mending effort.”

  7. The Bush Team prepares to get medieval on Osama’s ass.

  8. What Attitude Problem? says:


    Bangin’ the House! Major salute to PunditGuy.

  9. ridgerunner says:

    Osama? He’s in that urn on the mantel.

  10. I asked for captions when I posted this at my site a few weeks ago and I got nothing. Your readers are less PC than mine I guess…

  11. OG…Original GOP, that is.

  12. That cat Bush is one bad mother…

    Shut your mouth!

    Hey, I’m just talkin’ about Bush.

  13. “Agents on the ground. We still need more…come on, everybody’s got to do their part.”

  14. Dave in Texas says:

    “you must be sure that the girl is pure for the funky cold me-dee-ner”

  15. YO! Bush and his posse. (via Ace)

    YO! Bush and his posse. (via Ace)

  16. Wu Bush Clan ain’t nuthin to &*%@ wit

  17. This Is Great.

    This is one of those things that you have to see.
    Via Chrenkoff….

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