Yee Haw

Whiplash, the cowboy monkey.


According to the website, Whiplash is a 17 year old Capuchin Monkey. Despite his monkey heritage of climbing trees and swinging on branches, Whiplash is a true Cowboy, he rides the range herding and rounding up sheep along with his trusty steed, an imported Border Collie from Scotland. Whiplash loves the Cowboy Way, he travels from city to city displaying his cowboy skills as he demonstrates the “proper” way to herd livestock. Even though Whiplash’s riding skills are unchallenged and his herding skills unmatched, he never misses a chance to let the monkey come out in him. While the dog is running full blast he will hang off to the side, pick up dirt, pet the dog or even take the saddle from side to side mimicking an Indian Hideaway, all the while in complete control of the situation.

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