With Friends Like These

Columnist Joe Conason, who thinks that the Oil-for-Food program was an important success, writes about the drumbeat in congress calling for Kofi Annan to resign over the scandal. Conason thinks the whole thing is absurd and to backup his argument, he does what all good liberal reporters do. He runs to grab a quote from microphone/TV camera loving (ahem) Republican, John McCain, knowing that given the opportunity, John will throw any Republican under the bus.

"Asked whether he believes that Mr. Annan should step down, the Arizona Republican and outspoken hawk replied, "No. I think that we should have a full and complete investigation and then make decisions like that. Am I disturbed when I hear that his son was on payroll? Of course I’m disturbed about it, and apparently Kofi Annan was [disturbed] also." He added, "I think Coleman is kind of a symptom of some dissatisfaction within Congress about the U.N.—but no, I think we need a full and complete investigation, and there’s plenty of time to decide whether people should keep their jobs or not.

The popular Arizonan also said he didn’t doubt that the Volcker investigation, conducted pursuant to a Security Council resolution passed last April, would examine the oil-for-food program with rigor and integrity. "I have confidence in Volcker because he’s done a great job in the past, he’s a smart guy, and he’s tough," said Mr. McCain. "And so I have no reason to think Volcker won’t do a thorough job."

Quick, someone check McCain’s bank deposit receipts.

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