Wishing for Ten Instead of Five

When the truth comes out of the mouth of Bill Clinton, it’s worth noting.

ABC News’ Kate Snow Reports: Bill Clinton says his wife can be a “comeback kid” just like he was.

“Absolutely,” President Clinton said in a brief interview with ABC News.

“Remember I lost here,” Clinton added, referring to New Hampshire. (Bill Clinton placed second in New Hampshire in 1992 behind Paul Tsongas.)

He then quickly listed off his other losses from memory: “South Dakota, Maine, Maryland, Colorado, before I ever won a state,” he said.

So what can Hillary Clinton do to come back?

“Run that hard here,” said her husband. “She’s got a better profile here. They know more about her now than they did about me then. And I think she’ll be fine. We just get out and go.”

Bill Clinton did express one concern about the shortened time frame for campaigning in New Hampshire. New Hampshire’s primary is next Tuesday, January 8– just five days after the Iowa caucuses.

“I just wish we had ten days instead of five,” Clinton said.

And the truth is in that last sentence. In essence, Bill is signaling that New Hampshire could easily fall in the loss column for Hillary, and that there may not be enough time to turn that around. He has good reason to be concerned.

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