Wishful Liberal Thinking

Thomas DeFrank writes in today’s NY Daily News that the relationship between George W. Bush and Dick Cheney is tenuous, at best. Don’t believe it.

The CIA leak scandal has peeled back the veil on the most closely held White House secret of all: the subtle but unmistakable erosion in the bond between President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Multiple sources close to Bush told the Daily News that while the vice president remains his boss’ valued political partner and counselor, his clout has lessened – primarily as a result of issues arising from the Iraq war.

“The relationship is not what it was,” a presidential counselor said. “There has been some distance for some time.”

This is exactly what the Democrats want moderates and leftward leaning Republicans to believe. They’re counting on a ‘snowball’ effect in order to bring just enough doubt into the thinking of swing voters (if there is still such a thing). Their goal, of course, is to propagate a notion that the GOP is on the brink of destruction, and that voters will regret reelecting Republicans in 2006, and extending our stay in the White House past 2008.

Meanwhile, has anyone heard any new ideas from the Democrats?

As far as I’m concerned, they can keep up this effort. Go ahead lefties – use the willing media to push the lie that George and Dick are enemies. Use Democratic ‘consultants’ to regurgitate talking point after talking point about how George and Laura are ‘on the rocks’ (a rumor that I’m betting will surface sometime soon). Exhaust all your resources to dish the dirt. It won’t bring you power. It won’t get you elected.

As long as Republicans can lead the dialog on solutions to today’s problems and ideas for tomorrow’s problems, we’ll stay in the majority, and we’ll stay in the White House. Americans want leaders who work at moving forward. They don’t want a party who’s primary objective is to relive the ‘90’s.

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