Winkler Released from Jail

Mary must have found a more reliable bail bondsman.

A minister’s wife accused of shooting her husband to death after the two argued over money was released from jail Tuesday on $750,000 bond.

Winkler walked out of the jail between two of her defense attorneys, keeping her head down and refusing to answer questions. Her father, Clark Freeman of Knoxville, drove her away from the jail.

As part of her bond, Winkler is required to live with friends in McMinnville, 65 miles southeast of Nashville, where she will work at a dry cleaners and be supervised by the state probation office.

Defense attorneys Steve Farese said Winkler is eager to see her three young daughters, who are living with their paternal grandparents, but no arrangements have been made for visits.

“Her emotional state is fragile. Certainly she’s apprehensive,” Farese said.

Defense lawyers have implied that Mary Winkler was emotionally abused by her husband.

But we’ll never know the truth on that will we, seeing as how Matthew isn’t around anymore to defend himself. Pretty convenient for Mary’s defense, if you ask me.

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