Will The Stones Keep Rolling?

Contrary to public reports, rumor has it that Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones may never play guitar again.

Doctors fear the worse for the Rolling Stones guitarist who underwent a second brain operation last night (05/09/06) following his dramatic 15ft fall from a coconut tree.

A source revealed to Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “Everyone is worried sick. This is serious.”

Doctors carried out emergency surgery remove a piece of skull after the rocker suffered what medical experts described as a “complete midline shift”, meaning one part of his brain was collapsing on the other, causing dangerous swelling.

Wife Patti Hansen has been anxiously waiting by the star’s bedside in Auckland, New Zealand, with his two children by Anita Pallenburg, Marlon and Angela.

Last week, doctors drilled a hole into the 62-year-old’s skull to relieve a brain haemorrhage caused by the fall which took place during his holiday at Fiji’s exclusive Wakaya Club resort.

Initial reports suggested Richards was recovering well but he soon started suffering from blackouts and now medics fear he may be brain damaged or partly paralysed putting an end to his rock ‘n’ roll performing days.

A spokesman said: “The band are very concerned. It is obvious he is going to need a lot of time to recover.”

The rockers were scheduled to perform in Barcelona on May 27 but bandmates Mike Jagger, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts have decided to postpone the show until June.

Here’s hopin’ that things turn around and Keith recovers. After all, how can a man who has spent 40+ years ingesting every chemical substance known the world over while drinking fifth after fifth of Absolut really be silenced from something as innocuous as a coconut tree?


I mean come on! Look at him. This man is gonna live forever!

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UPDATE: Good news. Richards reportedly discharged from hospital. Will remain in Wellington as an outpatient.

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