Whose Boss?

He ain’t mine.

Via The Arizona Republic: Springsteen captivates Glendale crowd with acoustic show.

When Bruce Springsteen announced that he would perform for more than 5,000 people at Glendale Arena in the third concert of his solo acoustic tour, it raised the question: Could even a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer keep the attention of such a large crowd for a quiet show running more than two hours?

Springsteen quelled any doubts Saturday night with a brisk, masterful performance that kept the well-mannered audience mesmerized with the best storytelling songs in rock music today.

After asking for “as much quiet as I can get” at the start of the concert, Springsteen let his catalog of American tales, including a generous sampling from his strong new “Devils & Dust” album, do most of the talking in the arena for the next few hours.

The report goes on to talk about what a god Springsteen is and all the rest of the crap that usually goes along with  worshiping of the guy. Don’t get me wrong – I like Bruce’s music. Not all of it, but some of it. What I don’t go for though, is the deification of the man, especially when he does things like this:

Springsteen ad-libbed a ‘That’s right’ after one audience member yelled ‘(Expletive) the president’…(via Drudge)

That’s cheap Bruce.

Sing your songs about how you identify with the New Jersey union worker (right, Mr. Multi-Millionaire), the AIDS stricken male, the guy who gets shot by NYC cops 90+times. Whatever. I don’t care.

When it comes down to it, you’re just another left wing wacko.

What a shame.

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