Who's The Source?

The guys on Fox News this morning are debating the missing weapons story. They do not deny that the weapons are indeed missing. They question why the old news was suddenly resurrected last Wednesday, and who was the source. They focused on folks at the IAEA, and also democratic operatives who work within the Kerry camp. Now yes, this is FOX news and not ABCNBCCBSPBS. But, if the MSM slowly changes the debate of this story and talks about why this 18 month old news came out again as new news just days before the election, the “October Surprise” will continue to backfire on the Democrats. The discussion will keep going if there isn’t another big story that comes out between now and this weekend. The last thing the dems want is to talk about this misfire on the Sunday shows.

UPDATE: It gets better – the TODAY show opens with the debate over the political motivations of the weapons story.

BUT: TODAY’s Nora O’Donnell attempts to spin the story as something the Bush campaign is trying to run from, put behind them, etc. (OK, so I was hopeful for a moment.)

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