Whoa Daddy

GoDaddy.com spends $5 million dollars to air one commercial twice during the Super Bowl yesterday. Trouble is, it only ran once, due to a decision by Fox execs and skittish NFL brass who thought the subject matter was a little too intense. Now GoDaddy is evaluating their legal options, even though they’re getting ten times the exposure now that the "story" is catching on in the media. I saw the ad and frankly, it was lame. The larger story is the whimpiness of the NFL. What’s worse, the game is now known more for it’s linkage to Janet Jackson than its exhibition of superior athletic talent. I think that stinks. Today, it’s less about football and more about the six hour pregame coverage, the pregame musical entertainment (Charlie Daniels, Earth Wind and Fire, mixed with Black Eyed Peas – whatsupwiththat?), the "aged Hollywood actor married to a babe" on the field narration, the trotting out of ex-presidents who hate each other, the exploitation of blind kids, the excessive strobe light fog machine team introductions, the constant camera shots of has been celebrities in the stands, the pre-halftime entertainment, the schmaltzy halftime pop music (OK, I am a Beatles fan, so Paul McCartney gets a pass, even if he’s 102 years old now), the constant OVER-HYPE of every minute of broadcast time, along with the CONSTANT AFOREMENTIONED COMMERCIALS.

Everything went to pot after Super Bowl X and that freakin "Up With People" halftime show.

Super Bowl III, where art thou?

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