Who Needs Border Security?

We do, now more than ever.

U.S. Border Patrol agents came under fire twice, returning fire once, Wednesday night while trying to capture suspected marijuana smugglers who later abandoned more than a half million dollars worth of marijuana. No border patrol agents were hit by the gunfire, said Senior Patrol Agent Sean King, a border patrol spokesman here. The shootings started after a border camera monitor spotted a Mercedes Benz SUV at 7:05 p.m. heading north from the border along a dirt road near the KS Ranch, about six miles southeast of Nogales and about a half mile north of the border, King said.

While the blow-hards in the Senate debate the meaning of the word “amnesty”, we’ve got border patrol agents whose lives are endangered by careless drug smugglers who don’t think twice about unloading a rain of bullets on them just so they can sell their hooch in our country.

Forget about those National Guard “minders” – we need tanks, lots of tanks.

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