White House Evacuated

WASHINGTON (AP) White House and Capitol evacuated.


And Drudge has this…

SMALL PLANE ‘OFF COURSE’ CAUSES RAW ALARM IN WASHINGTON… WHITE HOUSE, CAPITOL WERE EVACUATED…VP CHENEY RACES OFF IN LIMO, STAFF RUNS FOR THEIR LIVES; A guard in the West Wing of the White House shouted at reporters, “Go down into the basement.” “Leave, run,” security officers shouted to staff and reporters at the Capitol. “This is not a drill,” guards shouted as they moved people away from the building…. location.

UPDATE: 9:27 AM PDT – All clear given.

MSNBC has details.


WASHINGTON (AP) – A small plane strayed within three miles of the White House on Wednesday, leading to frantic evacuation of the executive mansion and the Capitol with military jets scrambling to intercept the aircraft and firing flares to steer it away.

A pilot and student pilot, en route from Pennsylvania to an air show in North Carolina, were taken into custody after their flight sparked a frenzy of activity that tested the capital’s post-Sept. 11 response system. The government decided not to press charges.

“The two men in the plane have been interviewed, and it has been determined that the intrusion into restricted airspace appears to have been accidental. And no charges are being sought at this time,” said Homeland Security spokesman Brian Roehrkasse.

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