When Burt Bacharach Talks…

77 year-old song-writer adds his two bits to the “blame the president for Katrina” pile.

Singer/song-writer BURT BACHARACH has attacked US President GEORGE W BUSH for his handling of the Hurricane Katrina rescue operation.

The WALK ON BY star insists America had adequate warning of the horrific disaster which rocked Louisiana and left New Orleans submerged, and yet Bush continued to fund the war against terror instead of protecting his people.

Bacharach, 77, recalls reading newspaper articles months before the hurricane, warning “that (New Orleans) would be engulfed, that people would drown, that bodies would be floating down the road.

“Instead of pushing the funding up, they took most of it away to fight this stupid war, and that’s unforgivable.

“I think Bush is just about the poorest president we’ve ever had. You’d have to go back before I was born to find a worse one.”

Wow, that’s front page news. And for goodnessake, Dionne Warwick made “Walk On By” famous. No one cares about the writer of the song. She sang it. She’s the star, OK?

I can hear the staffers at the White House right now…

STAFFER: “Uh, Mr. President? As you know, lots of famous people have made statements about the lack of an expedient response to Hurricane Katrina. Politicians too, from the right and left side of the isle. Well, we thought you might want to know about the latest statement. It’s serious sir. Please, you might want to sit down. Mr. President, Burt Bacharach has gone public with his thoughts.”

BUSH: “Oh no, not Burt! If I’ve lost Bacharach, I’ve lost the country.”


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