Whatchoo Talkin' 'Bout?

Headlines and Commentary for 08.24.05

Rescuers Look for Peru Airliner Victims – Rescuers combed a jungle marsh Wednesday for victims of a Peruvian airliner that split in two after an emergency landing during a hailstorm, killing at least 31 people and leaving 10 missing. Fifty-seven people escaped the burning wreckage, wading away through knee-deep mud.

Is it me or have there been like 4 plane crash stories in the last couple of weeks? Not good.

Tropical Storm Katrina Nears Florida – Tropical Storm Katrina threatened to dump more than a foot of rain on parts of water-logged Florida as it approached the state Wednesday, with forecasters expecting it to strengthen to a weak hurricane before hitting the coast. Katrina was expected to strike Florida’s east coast early Friday.

I don’t care how many days out of the year the sun shines in Florida. I’m never moving there.

Insurgent Attacks Leave 13 Dead in Iraq – Dozens of insurgents wearing black uniforms and masks launched their boldest assault in Baghdad in weeks, attacking police Wednesday with multiple car bombs and small arms fire. Up to 13 people died as Iraqi politicians struggled to end a stalemate over a draft constitution.

The war on terror continues. The American people need to hear the good things that are happening in Iraq. Reading the same headline day after day makes it look like no progress is being made.

Tour Chief: Armstrong Fooled Sports World – The director of the Tour de France claims Lance Armstrong has “fooled” the sports world and that the seven-time champion owes fans an explanation over new allegations he used a performance-boosting drug.

The French have been out to get Armstrong for years. Would I be surprised if it turns out that Lance has a steroid problem? Nope. They’re a scourge. Part of the lure of any sport is watching people use their strength in competition with others. If everyone is loaded on drugs that enhance your performance, it’s cheatin, and that’s wrong. Something has to be done about it, but what that is, I don’t know.

Panel Overrules Feds on New England Bases – Overruling the Pentagon on two of its biggest requests, a commission reviewing base closings voted to keep open a shipyard and a submarine base in New England that military planners wanted to shut down.

I’m all for cutting excess spending, even in the military, if there truly is waste and inefficiency. But, growing up in a Navy town, I know about the fear, the worry, and the stress these closures cause. And I don’t care what BRAC says – when you take a major economic force out of a community, it takes years, decades in fact, to recover. Tough stuff.

Roberts Urged to Address Ethics Issue – Two Democratic senators said Wednesday that they want Supreme Court nominee John Roberts to explain before his confirmation hearings why he continued to judge a lawsuit against the Bush administration while being interviewed to be a justice.

Don’t be intimidated into doing or saying anything before your confirmation hearing John. Just sit tight. Your confirmation is secure.

Court releases new Saddam photos – New photos of Saddam Hussein have been released by the Special Iraqi Tribunal investigating the former Iraqi leader.

So what! Just get on with the freakin trial. This guy’s getting 3 hots and and cot (which is probably better than the bed I have at home). Judge him, convict him, and execute him. Sounds like simple expedient justice to me.

And finally…

Sperm donor reality show – Billionaire television producer John de Mol, behind the pioneer show Big Brother, will test the limits of reality TV with a program in which a woman searches for a potential sperm donor to conceive a child.

Good Lord.