What Happened to This Guy?


I think I know…



  1. Daily Pundit says:

    Go Ahead, Click the Pic – You Know You Want To

  2. Richard says:

    Basically, he grew up. He’s lucky, he ended up with most of his money. Only a little was stolen by his parents, agent, manager etc.

    He hardly ever went to school. That’s better than Jackson had it – Jackson never attended school AT ALL, and rarely had a tutor. Because Culkin was an actor they had to teach him how to read. Jackson never learned, till he figured it out by himself when he was about 13.

    Culkin, like Jackson, was supporting his family from the age of 5. Everyone that said he was a friend was out for a piece of his money.

    Now he’s telling the truth. He was never molested by Jackson. The prosecution is responding by claiming that he was molested when he was asleep.

    Jackson is one of the wierdest people on the earth, but the prosecution of this case has been horrifying. Under this standard any person in the country could be prosecuted.

  3. “Under this standard any person in the country could be prosecuted.”

    Absolutely… assuming every person in this country likes to bribe people his age to let them sleep with their 10 year old child, and then hold hands with said child on national television and brag about it.

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