Weapons Found in Iraq

Via Captains Quarters: WMD Found in Mosul; Over 1500 gallons of chemicals.

The Moonbats are out in force on this one. They’re trying as hard as they can to discredit the WaPo report. The main talking point seems to be pushing a notion that we conservatives are convinced that the found WMD’s existed BEFORE the war started, and that we’re somehow backtracking from a statement the Bush Administration made admitting that no WMD’s existed in Iraq when Saddam was in power (we all know Bush was pressured by the LEFT and the MSM to somehow resolve the fact that no cache had been found). The Moonies say the weapons were obviously manufactured while the war was underway (you know…when a hundred thousand US service men and women were on the ground killing people and breaking things. How the clever Iraqis could make the WMD while under fire is something those crafty Dimocrats haven’t explained yet).

By the way – NO ONE is officially stating that the discovered WMD’s predate the war. (pssst – I blame Syria) 

And the wacko Lefty conclusion? This discovery simply proves that Bush’s decision to go to war made the world a more dangerous place than it was when Saddam was in power. You know…Bush lied, people died, illegitimate war, blah blah blah.

They’ll never give up on this idea.

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