"We Had No Knowledge…"

The family of 18-year-old London bomber Hasib Mir Hussain say they are “devastated” by what has happened.

“We, the family of Hasib Mir Hussain, are devastated over the events of the past few days,” they said in Friday’s statement.

“We are having difficulty taking this in. Our thoughts are with all the bereaved families and we have to live ourselves with the loss of our son in these difficult circumstances.

We had no knowledge of his activities and, had we done we would have done everything in our power to stop him.

We urge anyone with information about these events, or leading up to them, to co-operate fully with the authorities. This is a difficult time and we ask you to let us grieve for our son in private.”

Maybe they should have been more aware their son’s friends, who he was seeing, what he was doing, and where he was going?


  1. Ronald Rutherford says:

    I know that nothing could excuse the actions of these Terrorists, but in a small way I do sympathize with the family. London bombers may have been tricked which leads to the fact the families may not have known. We do remember Columbine, right?
    Even though the bombers were not planning on blowing themselves up, they did not think of the other victims families and lives.
    Maybe in a small way these peoples voices will show the terrorists for what they truly are, even up to destroying their own culture.

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