Want Universal Healthcare?

Think it will solve problems? Hillary and many of her Democratic Party co-conspirators believe it’s the answer for America. Yet, in many cases, socialized medicine makes a bigger mess of an already messed up system. Look no further than the U.K.

A hospital has apologised to a heart patient who said he was woken at 3am and asked to leave his bed to make way for an emergency admission.

Father-of-six Mohammed Khan said he was forced to lie on a trolley in a crowded patient waiting room for four hours before being moved to a chair.

A spokeswoman for the Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust said: “We are sorry Mr Khan had to wait in our medical assessment unit overnight and into the following day while we made every effort to find a ward bed for him.

“Unfortunately, this is a result of the severe pressure both of our major hospitals are currently experiencing and it is sometimes necessary to use temporary overnight accommodation before we can find space on a ward.

She added the main cause was the high levels of delays in the transfer of patients in the trust.

“We currently have 208 beds unavailable for new admissions because they are being used by patients who no longer need them but cannot be moved until their ongoing care needs have been resolved.

“This is creating unacceptable delays and distress for new patients.”

She added the trust was holding talks with the local authority partners and the Welsh assembly government to find solutions to the situation.

Universal healthcare will guarantee the efficiency of the Postal Service with all the compassion of the IRS. Kinda gives you the goose bumps, doesn’t it?

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