Want To Impeach Bush?

Then go live with your brothers and sisters in moonbatsville.

More than 30 Vermont towns passed resolutions on Tuesday seeking to impeach President Bush, while at least 16 towns in the tiny New England state called on Washington to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq.

Known for picturesque autumn foliage, colonial inns, maple sugar and old-fashion dairy farms, Vermont is in the vanguard of a grass-roots protest movement to impeach Bush over his handling of the unpopular Iraq war.

“We’re putting impeachment on the table,” said James Leas, a Vermont lawyer who helped to draft the resolutions and is tracking the votes. “The people in all these towns are voting to get this process started and bring the troops home now.”

The resolutions passed on Vermont’s annual town meeting day — a colonial era tradition where citizens debate issues of the day big and small — are symbolic and cannot force Congress to impeach Bush, but they “may help instigate further discussions in the legislature,” said state Rep. David Zuckerman.

I like what one commenter had to say about this.

Vermont does a great service to the rest of the country by absorbing all of the useless hippies, tree hugging granola nuts, earth worshipers and other useless societal rejects and sequestering them from decent society. At least our children are safe from these reality challenged invalids as long as they are kept in that place. Thank God there is good skiing in New Hampshire so no one has to expose themselves to the incipient brain rotting disease these people seem to be suffering from.


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