Walken Isn't Runnin

I said it here, but now the denials are coming from his reps. Christopher Walken isn’t running for president in 2008.

A claim that Walken had launched a campaign for the White House caused a stir as it made the Internet rounds in recent days, fueled by a sophisticated website (www.walken2008.com) that lists a campaign platform, testimonials and bits of purported Walken wisdom intended to carry him far with voters in red and blue states.

Only, it’s all a joke.

Walken’s representatives say they aren’t sure who masterminded the website but speculate that it might have been prompted by Walken’s latest film, “Wedding Crashers,” a hit comedy starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. In it, Walken plays the U.S. secretary of the Treasury.

“The person who put this together was just trying it as a hoax, I presume,” said Mara Buxbaum, Walken’s publicist. “My take on it is it sounds like the person who put this on the Web took his role … in ‘Wedding Crashers’ too seriously and now wants him to run for the presidency.”

Go back to your lives citizens.

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