Waking Up

A few months ago I quit this blog. I didn’t have anything interesting to say and I couldn’t muster up more than 2 posts a day. I tried to blog a little since then, but nothing seemed to be coming together. I didn’t want to do the work of maintaining a blog. So why start up again? I didn’t miss the obligatory posting. I didn’t miss the link grabbing. What I did miss was writing. That’s right. The physical act of writing daily was a great mental exercise. I felt sharper. I ‘thought’ better. My brain just enjoyed putting words together. When I stopped, my mind went into hibernation. Suddenly, right now, at this moment, it wants to wake up.

That’s why blogging is important again. That’s why I have to continue. My mind demands it.

I can’t promise great prose. I can’t promise “no less than 10 posts per day”. That’s not gonna happen here anymore. I’m just gonna write. I’m going to write about everything, and about nothing.

And I’m excited about it. I hope you’ll come around often just to see what’s here.

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