Voter Fright List

I don’t put much stock into polls, pro or con. Yet, this one is so hilarious it’s worth mentioning.

A new poll found the prospect of a President Hillary Clinton scares more Americans than any other likely 2008 candidate. When a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll asked which of four potential candidates for President “frightens you the most,” 36% said the New York senator. She had some familiar company: former Mayor Rudy Giuliani was next at 17%, followed by former Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore at 15%.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), whom many observers expect to be a formidable candidate, fared best among most-often mentioned hopefuls; only 11% found his candidacy frightening.

Sen. Clinton also troubled independent voters: 25% said they were scared of her running the country, compared to 21% for Gore, 12% for Giuliani and 9% for McCain. Even 22% of Democrats said they were frightened by Hillary, versus just 10% for Gore.

The national survey also pegged President Bush’s job approval at 40%, up from 35% a month ago.

Capitol Hill got the worst marks of all: the poll found 79% feel Congress hasn’t accomplished enough this year to deserve a summer vacation.

I have a hard time accepting as fact that Rudy Giuliani is more frightening than Al Gore.


Now that’s scary!

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