"Volvo-Driving, Latte-Slurping, Blind Salamander-Loving Nuts"

From NRO:

I was an attorney for the [AGENCY NAME WITHHELD] for almost five years, and dealt with the civil side of the law at issue in the DeLay indictment. To say that the law is vague is an understatement – we didn’t know what it meant half the time. And Earle knows that, too. So even if there were a conviction, I don’t see how it could be upheld on appeal.

But Earle’s goal isn’t getting a conviction upheld, it’s the chance to have all the media descend on Austin for another “trial of the century.” If this mess does go to trial, there probably will be a conviction. Ronnie’s Austin jury pool will be made up of the most wacked-out liberals in all of Texas (Austin just loooooves Howard Dean). All the Volvo-driving, latte-slurping, blind salamander-loving nuts that make up this town must be drooling at the thought of getting on the jury.

Please don’t disclose my name or where I used to work – I still have a wife and kid to support!”


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