Unintended Casualties: PoliPundit Killed by Immigration Reform

Lorie Byrd has announced her departure from group blog PoliPundit after its anonymous leader (hereafter “Mr. PoliPundit”) imposed a new “agree with me or go” policy regarding immigration reform. Frankly, public blogosphere squabbles like this one are a huge waste of bandwidth, especially when so many other important subjects are on the table. Yet, no one can deny that various factions (groups, ghettos, families, etc.) occupy both the right and left sides of the blogosphere and eventually, public undressings occur over issues, big or small.

And like a multi-car pile up on the interstate, we strain our necks to gawk. It’s natural.

My best wishes go out to Lorie as she decides what lies ahead for her. I’ve always appreciated the links and words of encouragement she’s extended to me and this little blog. Thanks Lorie.

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