Unfrozen Caveman Senator

Dean Esmay highlights Democratic party psychobabble (which, by the way, is too easy these days – there’s just so much material to choose from), then Dean silences the wind with this:   

Will someone at the Democratic National Committee put me in charge please? These people could absolutely neutralize the Republicans on national security issues quite easily, and then slug it out entirely on issues at home where they just might win. Instead it’s like Republicans just put a big “kick me, I’m soft on national security” sign on their backs and they’re too stupid to notice.

No, even that’s being too kind. It’s like they put the sign on their own backs.

He’s right, on both accounts. It might be too easy for Republicans to use the ol’ “they’re wimpy” case, and then think their job is done. Fact is, all it would take is a couple of bad PR stories and the power of the liberal MSM and the Democrats could win some seats back. Republicans need a wide-angle view of the playing field with an early warning detection system to thwart any covert move made by the Democrats. Since they believe having no Iraq policy is a good move for them, we know they don’t have any significant plan for the war or any subsequent plans for leading America. Therefore, the Democratic party message in 2006 will be no message. This means they’ll have to rely upon dirty tricks, whining and…well, that’s about it.

Republicans, quit sleeping; be ready.

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