U.N. Rights Board Welcomes Cuba

A broken bureaucracy with a human rights council made up of thugs ushers in their newest member, Cuba, that shining city upon a hill whose beacon of light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.

Actually, I like Publius Pundit’s characterization.

Cuba is the biggest human rights violator in the hemisphere. It is one of the few tyrannies in the world that refuses its citizens the right to leave, effectively turning it into an island prison. It has one of the world’s highest suicide rates. Its locals without party connections get no health care, and in fact are denied education if their parents are dissidents. Its residents are not allowed to keep dollar remittances sent by relatives, and instead must accept vile Cuban pesos at rates determined by Castro. Its dissidents are tortured, imprisoned and beaten. It is one of the most horrible places on the face of the earth. Its residents brave shark-infested waters to reach someplace, any place, where they can at long last breathe free air.

The United Nations is a joke.

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