U.N. Crafts Response to North Korea

I shook my head in despair when I read the headline to this story.

The United Nations Security Council today began working on a resolution condemning North Korea’s announcement of the test, shortly after President Bush said the move requires an “immediate response.”

I guess there’s just no diplomatic blood running through my veins. I mean, I know we’re not just gonna start droppin’ bombs, but still, anytime the U.N. “crafts” a response, I imagine it will be the first of twenty-something resolutions condemning the DPRK. Pardon me while I yawn.

And then we have the Democrats, who would rather make yet another point of how Iraq is the reason for EVERYTHING going wrong in the world than stand united with Republicans (representing America) in their condemnation of Pyongyang.

The Senate Democratic leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, a condemned North Korea for its “reckless and counterproductive actions.” But he asserted that the Bush administration has been in a “state of denial” about North Korea, in part because the administration has been “distracted by Iraq and parayzed by internal divisions.” A comprehensive review of American policy toward North Korea is essential, the senator said.

So typical.

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