U2 – "Songs of Innocence"

At first I thought the album sucked. I listened again. I was wrong. It’s a masterpiece.

U2 2

I’ve never been “into” U2 for their politics, or social commentary. I could really do without Bono’s preaching in-between songs during shows. Sure, he does more than just talk, he goes out there and gets stuff done, stays informed, etc., but so do millions of other smart people. Big deal. What I like about U2 is the music. It’s always been about the music. And for that I thank The Edge. I’m convinced it’s all him. Adam Clayton is a great bass player, and he’s getting better with each record. Larry Mullen Jr., is capable enough. Not the best drummer in the world, but he gets it done. The Mullen/Clayton combo is impressive; always has been. Bono is “the voice”. If you’ve wondered what God given talent sounds like, look no further. He’s got it. But, The Edge, he’s something else. He plays guitar like no one else. He didn’t start imitating anyone. And now everyone tries to imitate his sound; his technique. The melodies. The solos. The layers. It’s a little of what heaven will be like.

If you listened to the album once, or even twice, and you though, “ho hum, moving on now”, stop. Give it another listen. It’s amazing.

Rolling Stone 5 star review

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