Two Down

Two to go. I’ve just been through two of the busiest, most stressful days I can remember in a long time. Yesterday, with the funeral and all, and today with two 120 mile treks in the vehicle, and 4 children stuck in high gear. Sheesh. Tomorrow, another couple of 120 mile treks, then we clean out and remove items from my grandmother’s home. Don’t know what we’re gonna find. It’s always strange when you have to clear out the belongings of someone who isn’t alive anymore. A few years ago, I had a cousin who died suddenly. We had to go to his apartment and clear out his stuff. When people don’t expect to die, they don’t clean up, they don’t get rid of things they don’t want people to see, they don’t secure anything. Like clicking a stopwatch, everything is frozen in time. When you start rummaging through their belongings, you discover a lot of things. It’s a little peek into a life. Some might consider it a treasure hunt. To me, it’s not. It’s an invasion of privacy.

I’m not looking forward to it. 

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