Tsunami: America's Fault

So says the UN, via The Independent:

Scientists at the Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii did not use an existing rapid telecommunications system set up to get warnings around the world almost instantly because the bureaucratic arrangements were not in place.

UN officials have revealed that the scientists did not use the World Meteorological Organisation’s global telecommunication system to contact Indian Ocean countries because the "protocols were not in place”.



  1. I understand your point of view saying that its America’s fault because they could have done more when warning signs were recieved, but we can’t blame others for a natural disaster. It would have happened anyway, and some people may have even ignored it because sometimes we don’t believe that these things can happen. No matter what happens to any of us, we can always be more prepared for disasters, but the point is is that it did happen and we all need to be doing all that we can to help instead of spending time blaming other people for what happened.

  2. As said, there was no availability of appropriate and relevant protocol at the point of time when the disaster happened. It dosen’t make sense to push all the blame to America just because they have the technology to make early detection in this aspect. Unless they have been tasked to uphold the responsibility in this aspect at an earlier time before the incident. Else, i do not think that anyone should be blamed for the happening and outcome of the disaster.

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