Truth Hurts

Canada a bit player worldwide, says the Edmonton Journal:

A major study of politicians, diplomats and thinkers from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America has concluded that Canada has become an irrelevant force on the international stage, but can regain its edge if it creates a swift and mobile brigade of peacekeepers.

Although the world appreciates Canada’s military contributions to the Balkans and Afghanistan, the country is seen as a bit player in bringing peace to war-torn parts of the world.

But the international community does not want it to stay that way, Greenhill added in the interview.

"Everybody from the Africans to the Americans to the Europeans said Canada having an autonomous mobile brigade that could actually get into tough regions quickly and be there for a couple of months at a time would make a huge difference," he said.

"First is that few people can do it today. Secondly, those who can, like the Americans and British, are often seen as compromised politically.

"Where as Canada coming in with the Maple Leaf, with civility, is seen as very useful."

Uh, yeah, right. The peace loving Canadians. And we’re supposed to believe that just because Canadians come in to patrol and rebuild, the insurgent terrorists wouldn’t want to slit their throats? These people want to kill anyone who is against Islam, no matter where in the world they call home.

Go back to your lives citizens.

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