True Colors

Congressman David Obey (D-Wis.) became a little too transparent during a meet up with a woman who questioned him about the vote on the war supplemental.

“We’re trying to use the supplemental to end the war,” Obey said. “You can’t end the war if you’re going against the supplemental. It’s time these idiot liberals understood that.”

The unidentified woman told Obey she was the mother of a Marine who had been deployed to Iraq who was experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder and wasn’t receiving adequate treatment from military hospitals. She then asked why Obey was not cutting off funding for the war.

Obey responded that the Washington Post has been running numerous stories on the inadequacies of military hospitals and that Congress is holding hearings on the topic, adding that the supplemental spending bill includes extra money for military healthcare.

A few moments later he grew angry and began attacking liberal groups for failing to understand how the supplemental bill, of which he is a sponsor, would affect the war.

“The liberal groups are jumping around without knowing what the hell is in the bill,” he bellowed. “You don’t have to cut off funds for an activity that doesn’t exist.”

“The language we have in the resolution ends the authority for the war,” he added. “It makes it illegal to proceed with the war. You don’t have to de-fund something if the war doesn’t exist.”

The problem with the Democrats is their lack of candor. When the cameras and mics are live they don’t answer questions directly, they pander, they spin. It’s only when they’re caught off guard that we really hear what they believe.

This rant from Obey also shows that the Dems are still hopelessly fractured as a group, despite all the talk of working together “for the American people”.


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