Travel Day Hell

If you were traveling on Monday, November 22nd, there were only two places in the US NOT to be. San Antonio and Houston Texas. Why? Because it’s now 1:27 AM, and I am sitting in the "E" terminal at Houston International Airport after missing my 8:50 PM flight to Seattle. Next flight to Seattle? 7:40 AM. You see, the Houston airport closed down due to severe weather issues, and that messed EVERYTHING up. Yes, I mean EVERYTHING. So now, I’m suffering. Do you realize how tough it is to sleep in an airport chair? I mean they give you these stinking airplane blankets and pillows, which are made of the cheapest most flimsy materials. They turn the television (playing CNN and the Weather Channel) up way too loud. The maintenance crew is polishing the floor, emptying trash, and being overly noisy. There’s more of course, but that’s all I can bare to type out at this hour. Yeah, there’s WIFI, but it costs money…crap, I’m miserable.

And I have a middle seat for the flight home at 7:40 AM, and a two hour drive once I get to Seattle.

Could it be worse? Yes. Do I care to think of how it could be worse right now? No. I’m at fricken capacity right now.


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