Townshend Deconstructs

I expected a liberal rant, but what I read was a well thought out analysis of an important song.

In response to a New York Times ranking of rock songs with meaning to Conservatives, rock guitar god Pete Townshend writes a “what it meant to me” blog post about the number one ranked anthem “Won’t Get Fooled Again”.

It’s exactly this kind of two-way communication that makes the blogosphere so great.


  1. jd watson says:

    Bill: Just a small quibble. The NYT story is simply a reprinting of a National Review list of the 50 most conservative rock songs from the June 5th issue.

  2. Noted, JD. Thanks.

  3. Nice link to Pete, Bill. I was somehow expecting an endless midi loop of the synth riff to “Eminence Front” while reading his blog. Oh wait, they wouldn’t have to loop it, it’s already endless…

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