Tookie's Funeral

Sympathy pointed in the wrong direction.

About 2,000 people turn out to view the body of Stanley “Tookie” Williams, the killer and writer executed last week despite a high-profile campaign to save his life.

Standing outside the mortuary, watching the spectacle in the street, Wanda Smith, 42, shook her head and said, “I feel sorry for Tookie. It could have been my own brother, or my son.

Just where were any of these people when Tookie was doping, robbing and killing? How many of these people tried to stop Stanley Williams and Raymond Washington from starting the gang known as the “Crips”? How many of these people are out trying to stop new gangs from forming?

How many of these people called or wrote to the families of Tookie’s victims?


  1. Who put the guns and drugs there? Blacks don’t make them, grow them, nor import them. So where was the CIA and FBI when this was going down.. thats what you need to be asking if you are looking fo a root of the problem.

    The sympathy is because he was executed, his jury was all white, they have found that ‘ that DA has done this 3 other times. There is sympathy because his alledged accomplises were beaten into sumbission, and his shotgun was never tested to see if it had matched. Do your research…

  2. Desiree Osapanin says:

    Even though I came to learn about Tookie nearing to the time of his death, I felt what thousands of people are feeling now for him. Please let us not forget him, but continue to connect with him, and speak to him through our spirit; even dead they can still hear us. So let’s us all make a pledge to talk to him through prayers continuously. As for his children or child, let us guide them on the straight and narrow. My sincere prayers and spiritual connection be tookie and his children. My prayers also goes to you all who have lost love ones. Bless you all

  3. “Tookie” set in motion a gang that to this day terrorizes the black community. Yet somehow we are celebrating him as a hero. His literary endeavor was spurred mostly by a sympatheticly misled white women who he conned into championing him. Co-authoring a couple of children’s books with a naive white woman does not negate the innumerable murders, drug deals, and other detrimental acts he participated in – directly or indirectly. Tookie was a predator, a plague upon my community and I am glad to see him go.

  4. man i cant cant Celeive my cuzz gone im really gone miss dat nigga.hope 2 c u in paradise my nigga holla at me cuzz remember crippin aint easy
    now its time to finish this war wit dese sloc ass mutt ass niggas its time 2 ride


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