Tonight's the Night

Hillary has to perform tonight. In fact, she has to perform so well that she simultaneously wins over a majority of voters in Texas AND Ohio. And she doesn’t just have to win them over, she has to somehow convinced them to come to the polls on March 4 and vote for her, enthusiastically, so she wins a HUGE majority of the vote. Only this miracle will keep her in the race.

And so that’s what she’s up against this evening. And what with the craziness that’s happened since the weekend, she’s liable to take a swing at Barack Obama, on live TV, then when he’s lying on the ground, pick him up by his big ol’ Dumbo ears and parade him around the stage screaming, “Is this really what you want America? WHAT? WHAT? Come on Mr. Deity, command the lighting boy, command, I say!!!”

I doubt she’ll do that though.

I’ll be watching, nonetheless.

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