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Actually, this came out Monday, but I didn’t get to it until today.

John Fund:

A stolen election in Washington state? Not if bloggers can help it.

The new media–talk radio, bloggers and independent watchdog groups–have followed up their success in exposing Dan Rather’s use of phony memos by showcasing another scandal: Washington state’s bizarre race for governor, which features a vote count so close and compromised it allows Florida to retire the crown for electoral incompetence. If Democrat Christine Gregoire, who leads by 129 votes and is scheduled to take the office Wednesday, eventually has to face a new election, it will have been in large part because of the new media’s ability to give the story altitude before it reached the courts.

Fund also mentions Stefan Sharkansky, founder of, a blog that’s been all over this scandal from the beginning. Stefan got additional press in the Seattle PI today.

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