Throwing Israel Under the Bus

General criticism levelled against Israel is nothing new. For far too many reasons to mention here, many in the world dislike its people and the principals they defend. One needs only to look to the last week to see clear evidence of this. Yet it isn’t just Israel’s enemies who are voicing their opposition to their acts of self defense. Various world leaders, the United Nations, and the world media have joined with one voice in recent calls for Israel to exercise restraint in their response to the shelling of its cities by Hezbollah.

Hugh Hewitt writes for today, and examines the comments of those who claim Israel’s response to the murder of eight of its soldiers, the kidnapping of two others, and the non-stop bombing of its homeland is somehow “disproportionate.”

UPDATE: The House overwhelmingly backs Israel in a vote today and a new poll shows a majority of Americans blame Hezbollah for the current strife.

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