Throwing In The (Dirty) Towel

Was New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass a contributor to a serious problem of police corruption or is he just a quitter?

Police Superintendent Eddie Compass resigned Tuesday after four turbulent weeks in which the police force was wracked by desertions and disorganization in Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath.

“I served this department for 26 years and have taken it through some of the toughest times of its history. Every man in a leadership position must know when it’s time to hand over the reins,” Compass said at a news conference.

Yeah, I’d say the writing was on the wall. Talk about leaving on a low (ok, really low) note.

As the city slipped into anarchy during the first few days after Katrina, the 1,700-member police department itself suffered a crisis. Many officers deserted their posts, and some were accused of joining in the looting that broke out. Two officers Compass described as friends committed suicide.

Police corruption in New Orleans is hardly a revelation. I’m more interested in the two officers who committed suicide. Why did they kill themselves? Did they know something? Did they commit a crime? It seems hard to believe that the tough conditions they faced in the city after Katrina made landfall was by itself the impetus for taking their own lives. There’s got to be more to the story.

Neither Compass nor Mayor Ray Nagin would say whether Compass was pressured to resign.

“It’s a sad day in the city of New Orleans when a hero makes a decision like this,” Nagin said. “He leaves the department in pretty good shape and with a significant amount of leadership.”

Hero’s don’t quit and leaders don’t abandon those they lead. Something’s rotten here.

Lt. David Benelli, president of the union for rank-and-file New Orleans officers, said he was shocked by the resignation.

“We’ve been through a horrendous time,” Benelli said. “We’ve watched the city we love be destroyed. That is pressure you can’t believe.”

Benelli would not criticize Compass.

“You can talk about lack of organization, but we have been through two hurricanes, there was no communications, problems everywhere,” he said. “I think the fact that we did not lose control of the city is a testament to his leadership.”

The thin blue line, alive and well in Nawlins.

Earlier in the day, the department said that about 250 police officers — roughly 15 percent of the force — could face discipline for leaving their posts without permission during Katrina and its aftermath.

Each case will be investigated to determine whether the officer was truly a deserter or had legitimate reasons to be absent, Deputy Chief Warren Riley said.

“Everything will be done on a case-by-case basis. The worst thing we could do is take disciplinary action against someone who was stranded in the storm or whose child is missing,” Riley said.

Sally Forman, a spokeswoman for the mayor, said it is not clear whether the deserters can be fired. She said the city is still looking into the civil service regulations.

Benelli said true deserters should be fired.

“For those who left because of cowardice, they don’t need to be here,” Benelli told the paper. “If you’re a deserter and you deserted your post for no other reason than you were scared, then you left the department and I don’t see any need for you to come back.”


But just when you think Benellli is the real deal…

But Benelli said he believes only a small fraction of the officers will wind up being deserters.

“We know there were people who flat-out deserted,” he said. “But we also know there were officers who had to make critical decisions about what to do with their families.”

Riley said some officers lost their homes and some are looking for their families. “Some simply left because they said they could not deal with the catastrophe,” Riley said.

I guess that thin blue line is as thick as Benelli’s intellect.

If Compass is a true leader and he’s being pushed out as a part of a bigger cover-up, I expect we’ll hear a more descriptive story from him soon. If he disapears, I’ll write him off as just another part of the stink in the department.

Until then, I await the drop of the other shoe.


  1. He may be right. Most of the cops who deserted their posts may not have even existed at all! Tony Snow has an audio link up about it (can’t link so go here if you wanna hear the audio

    No idea if it’s true or not, but it would explain alot…

    ps. I can’t use href? Why?

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