Thoughts on the new iPhone 3G

As I’m sure most of you know now, the new iPhone 3G was announced earlier this week by Steve Jobs at WWDC 2008. I have to admit, I was listening to the keynote via an audio stream from Someone sitting in the audience decided to start a USTREAM broadcast (sans video) on his Macbook while he was typing away (most likely on his own blog). Anyway, much to my appreciation, I could clearly hear Jobs’ presentation.

I thought the keynote was less than exciting. Yeah, there were some cool things shown. But, rating this event against others, this one was on the more lackluster end. Anyway, here’s a quick “love”, “hate” list of things about the new iPhone 3G.


— 3G speed


— Legitimate installable Apps!



— Nearly everything about AT&T

— Increase in data cost

— No bundled SMS package

— No frontside camera

— No cut and paste or MMS in iPhone 2.0 software

— No 32GB sized iPhone

Will I purchase a new iPhone to replace my 1.0 version? Probably. Will I line up on July 11th at my local AT&T store? No. In fact, I’ll probably wait a couple of months to see if AT&T relents and becomes less hard nosed about the iPhone data plan. But, that all depends on how many cool applications come out for the device. My 1.0 iPhone is only a 4 gigger. Space might quickly become an issue for me.

Regardless of my gripes, the iPhone is still the best gadget I’ve ever purchased.

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