This Picture (Will) Paint a Thousand (Moonbat) Words

The MSM is making hay out of pictures that have been discovered showing President Bush standing next to Jack Abramoff. Of course, the Democrats will attempt to make this into some kind of smoking gun. You can just about guarantee the photos showing up in a campaign ad.

I say, So What.

Although President Bush says he doesn’t recall meeting convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, the two have reportedly turned up in photos together.

Both Washingtonian and Time magazines have reported the existence of about a half-dozen photos showing the two together.

Time reported on its Web site Sunday that its staff members have seen at least six photos featuring Bush and Abramoff, who has pleaded guilty to federal charges stemming from his lobbying practices and has pledged to cooperate with investigators. They appeared to have been taken at White House functions, according to the reports.

The White House has acknowledged that Abramoff attended some events at the Executive Mansion, and spokeswoman Dana Perino said Sunday it’s not surprising that the two would have met.

“The president has taken tens upon thousands of pictures at such events,” Perino said.

Exactly, which is why there is no ‘there’, there with this story.

The Republicans can play a game of quid pro quo here. I’m sure there are quite a few pairing Hillary with some character of ill repute. Not that it would matter though. The MSM would ignore any story like that (at least they have so far).

The Abramoff matter is no doubt a serious one, and it deserves investigation. But the Democrats should stop trying to attach everything to this president. It’s a waste of time, especially when they would be better off formulating ideas and plans for running the country. That’ll win elections. There surely must be some Democrats who remember what it’s like to run an issue driven campaign.


Or, maybe not.

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