They've Met the Enemy

Democrats have finally acknowledged who the enemy is.

Al Qaeda?

North Korea?



It’s Wal-Mart.

Yes, your friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart. You know, where you go to buy everything you need and save a ton of money. Right. Them.

Moreover, Democrats believe Wal-Mart wants to kill their employees, apparently, since Sen. Joe Biden wonders how a person can live on the income from a job there.

“My problem with Wal-Mart is that I don’t see any indication that they care about the fate of middle-class people,” Mr. Biden said, standing on the sweltering rooftop of the State Historical Society building here. “They talk about paying them $10 an hour. That’s true. How can you live a middle-class life on that?”

Is Wal-Mart holding their employees hostage? It didn’t look that way the last time I was in one of their stores. In fact, most of the workers were smiling, seemingly happy people.

Democrats should be careful in their fight against this recently identified enemy. Wal-Mart employees 1.3 million people, and those people have families, and those families have friends, and so on. Seems to me, if these folks thought that the Democrats were being unfair to their employer, and thereby jeprodizing their employment and future prosperity, they’d not like that none too much, and that anger could manifest itself inside a voting booth. After all, who’d want elected officials in power working every day to get you fired?

…just sayin’.

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