The Wheels of the (Stolen) Bus Go Round and Round

Nordette Adams highlights a report aired on CNN last night about a 20-year-old who allegedly stole a New Orleans Parish school Bus, told people to get on, and drove the refugees to Houston himself. You’d think it would be easy to simply join the convoy of other busses transporting thousands of people from the Superdome in New Orleans to the Astrodome in Houston, so how did anyone suspect that this bus was stolen?

Maybe it was the exit interviews with the media where refugees claimed they hadn’t been inside the Superdome? Or maybe it was the fact that this bus showed up at the Astrodome much earlier than expected?

Nordette wonders what should be done about the young man with skills and initiative.

“Should the busjacker go to jail, or should we clean him up and let him compete on next season’s Apprentice?”

Busjacker, You’re Hired!

UPDATE: The Renegade Bus

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