The Video Blogging Era Has Begun

New blog Cheese and Crackers is the focus of a Wall Street Journal article out today about the explosion of video blogging as a result of the disaster in Southeast Asia. My Tsunami video bandwidth saga was mentioned in the story too.


  1. Is It Too Much To Ask?

    That when I get interviewed for a major publication, like say Monday’s edition of the Wall Street Journal, that they actually get the name of the domain right? Video Blogs Break Out With Tsunami Scenes By *ANTONIO REGALADO* and *JESSICA…

  2. Dont Lose The Question says:

    The vlogging Era Has Begun

    I just read the article of today’s WSJ as quoted by punditguy – and yes, I think the vlogging era truly has begun, and in 2005 we will see a lot more of it. Dagbladet editor Oliver Orskaug says once

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    The daily linkfest:

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  4. Video Blogging Era Upon Us?

    PunditGuy notes that video blogging became a real phenomenon due to the many tsunami home videos that appeared on the web.

    I have a MINOR b…

  5. I want Clicks like anyone else…

    But I can’t bring myself to post those Files. Deansworld has a post on the Vlogging overall. And Punditguy posts about Cheese

  6. Cheese & Crackers, PunditGuy Get Ink

    In the Wall Street Journal, too. Great. More people for me to be envious of. Just what I fuckin’ needed….

  7. Bill,

    I think big congratuations are in order. Keep up the good work.


    An American Expat in Southeast Asia

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